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Happy Father’s Day

I have had the incredible privilege to love and be loved by two amazing men. I have been loved so well throughout my life. First by my father and then by my husband.

These two men… 

These two men are truly men after God’s own heart. They each daily lay down their lives for their family. They think nothing of themselves, nothing of what they deserve; instead they live to serve. 

My dad is father to 7 children. 7 loud, boisterous, passionate, assertive, intense children. (Don’t try to deny it siblings) While it was he who largely fostered these traits in us, I can’t imagine it was easy parenting this particular hoard. And yet there was never a single moment in my life that I felt unloved. Never. And what is even more incredible is that it isn’t just his family and loved ones who are given the great gift of his love and affection, it is everyone. My dad loves all people. He loves with a righteous God fearing heart. His relationship with Christ isn’t part of his life. It is his life. Christ in him is evident in every facet of his life and work. He has remained true to his convictions in the face of insurmountable odds. He literally stood before the world and declared the existence of demons. He has held true even when his very life has been threatened. The world has hated him and the enemy has tried to steal from him and destroy him and yet he never waivered. He is a GIANT in the kingdom of God and the kingdom is exponentially larger because of him. I have been so blessed to be under his covering. I love my dad so very much. I am and will always remain my daddy’s girl. Being the wonderful man he is, he would never seek to keep his daughter his own so he wholeheartedly entrusted me to another. My husband.

My husband and I met when I was 17. Neither of us had given our lives to Christ. We were foolish teenagers when we gave birth to our first born, Lily. We were trying to make it and love one another with worldly wisdom. And then the storm came. When Lily was 3 months old we learned of the profound issues she would face. We sat in a hospital room with the knowledge that our daughter would likely not survive. I vividly remember him staring into my eyes, grasping my hand and we said in unison “We need God”. Not a moment later the pastor of our church walked in and prayed with us and led us both to the Lord. I have never witnessed a heart transform the way my husband’s did. From that moment forward he has followed Christ with reckless abandon. From that moment his life has been a love offering to me and our children. The light of Christ exudes from him. Everyone he meets can see it and feel it. He is our rock. His faith has carried me more times than I can count. I could never put into words the toll our daughter’s struggle has taken on us all. And through it all he has remained tender and faithful, never seeking anything for himself, only seeking to serve us. In just living out his faith he ministers to all who know him. He is also a GIANT in the kingdom of God. Men’s hearts are transformed and softened because of him. He is the love of my life. I am so blessed to also be under his covering as are all of our children. Happy Father’s Day to these two men. And to all fathers who love as they have loved. 

All my love, 



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