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How do YOU define the value of life?

How do you define the value of life? No really. I am asking how YOU define the value of life. This is a question that troubles me. It is a question that I find answered over and over again by the medical professionals, doctors in particular, who “care” for my sweet Lily. And I find their answer differs greatly from my own. I understand their perspective is influenced solely by what they read in her chart… Non ambulatory, non verbal, seizure disorder, chronic aspiration, bradycardia, pan hypopituitarism, feeding tube,  hospitalizations, regression in therapy, etc…  But my Lily is so, so much more. She is pure joy. She loves unconditionally. Her life inspires. Her strength is immeasurable. She is God’s representative on earth. She is smart. She is resourceful. She loves music. She loves to dance. She knows what she wants, they may be simple desires but they are hers nonetheless. And on that note she knows what she doesn’t want and makes herself known. She is silly. She is GORGEOUS. And she is a bright light. So when I am confronted with a doctor who says “we could do this, but is it really worth it?” or “this will be good enough because who knows how much time she has left?” or “have you thought about stopping all interventions?”(that includes her feeding tube), my heart may break into a million pieces but my rebellious nature rears its strong willed head and says “YOU WILL NOT DEFINE THE VALUE OF MY CHILD’S LIFE!”

I am sick and tired of justifying my child’s existence. I am sick and tired of having to fight for her to receive the care she deserves. Not because I am worn down by the fight (I was born for the fight!) but because too many people look at her and think her life is not worth living. I ask “how do YOU define the value of life?” because I want you to actually think about your answer. I want you to know where you stand.

Where you stand matters, both on a personal level and as it will influence society as a whole. Where you stand will directly impact how you view the value of your own life. Are you important because you have a good job? A high level of education? Because you are attractive? Because you are in shape? Because you have a lot of money? Because you are really nice? Or is it because you are fearfully and wonderfully made by a Creator who loves you, who numbers the hairs on your head and who has placed you in this time for a specific purpose that only you can fulfill? If the latter is true then you have incalculable value as you are right now. And if that is true you are able to perceive the inherent value of every person on the planet…. If we are able to grasp this simple truth, we will begin to see people as God sees them. Our eyes will be opened, our minds will transform and our hearts will be softened.

All my love,





2 thoughts on “How do YOU define the value of life?”

  1. I love that you stand firm on God’s word. Every life has value, and I know that your willingness to fight for Lily’s life speaks volumes to those health “professionals” who feel that hers might not have as much as another. God made you, the rebellious fighter, Lily’s mama so that you can be her voice and her unwavering advocate. Go get ’em, mama bear!


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