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For my Lily 

For my Lily on her 13th birthday.

Lily, my darling angel. A few years ago,when you were in the midst of great difficulty concerning your health, daddy had a dream. He saw you dancing with butterflies in a vibrant garden. A garden so beautiful it could not be of this world. With eyes that could see you noticed your daddy and you ran to him. You embraced him and spoke of your joy in finally being with him again. You were 12 years old. He woke with joy at seeing you fully healed but also with sadness as he knew he had seen you in heaven upon leaving this earth. When daddy told me the dream I burst into tears as I had just been informed that your life expectancy, with your new condition, was likely not beyond age 12. We wept together. We could not reconcile our desire to see you fully healed with the knowledge that may only come on the other side of eternity. As your health continued to decline and your 12th birthday came and went we began to feel like we were on a count down to losing you. While we maintained hope the heaviness, of what felt like impending doom, was crushing. A few months ago we finally began to feel that weight lifted. You did what you are always able to do and started to get better. Today, on your 13th birthday, you are healthier than you have been in a very long time. Glory to God!! Today you are still here. Today you are still teaching me….

In the most profound spiritual experience of my life, when God allowed me to feel the full weight of the burden you carry, He spoke in to my spirit this “Like Jesus in the garden, Lily willingly takes her cup.” Oh what a powerful spirit you have. I cannot even begin to fathom the immeasurable strength that is in you. And I am ashamed of my weakness in the presence of your greatness. How can I possibly know what you are capable of overcoming??? How can I possibly put any limitations on you, my warrior girl?????
Lily, forgive your mother’s foolishness. Never again will I put my belief in the wisdom of this world. For your life is lived in the knowledge that passes understanding. I will be satisfied with not knowing all the answers and just simply sit in awe of all you will do. 

We celebrated amongst flowers and butterflies today as an act of faith that we will see you dancing and running with sight and with the ability to speak on this side of eternity!!!!! We are so blessed by you, our precious daughter. We love you more than words could ever express. Happy birthday warrior princess. 

All my love,



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