The resurrection, The life. 

On this Easter Sunday, this Resurrection Sunday, I cannot help but contemplate the extraordinary gift of life. Human life. 

I cannot fathom what is in the mind and heart of God. But the life, brutal death and resurrection of Christ serves as a profound and tangible example of God’s view of humanity. If we believe God is who the Bible says He is then we most conclude that it was within His power to simply wipe humanity from existence after the betrayal, the fall of man. Instead, He, being the only one who was able, made a way for us to be absolved of our sin and be reunited with Him. Christ left the heavenly realm, was born into our human bondage, bore the weight of the world on His shoulders, took our punishment on the cross, went into the depths of hell and reclaimed the keys and rose again to defeat death for all eternity. Why did He do this? Because He loves us. Even in our sin, He loves us. Because human life was worth it……

My heart is heavy when I consider the life we squander. The life we throw away. He is the creator of all life. He has ordained each and every one. We operate in our human weakness, in our human folly, believing we are able to choose whose life, which life, is worthy of living….. Oh how this must grieve the heart of God….. As you gather in the house of God, as you sit at the table with those you love, remember the truth. That human life is a precious gift. A gift forged through the humbleness, the humiliation, the merciless death and the triumph of Christ. 
All my love,



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