A Good Man

I have had the incredible privelage to be loved by good men. I have had the incredible privelage to bear witness to the love of good men for the many women and children in my life. These men have shaped my life. And I count myself blessed to have been loved by them. From my father to my husband, from my grandfathers to my uncles, from my brothers to my brothers and father in law, I am literally surrounded by good men. They come from all walks of life and they each are a unique gift to me. In pondering which qualities they each embody I have found that though they are all very different the traits they share are truly the defining characteristics of a good man. 

They have a sacrificial love. 

A good man loves sacrificially. He does not emphasize his sacrifice but rather he simply acts out of a sacrificial heart. He joyfully and willingly gives all that he has, all that he is, to serve his family. 

They honor the women in their life 

A good man understands the intrinsic value of a woman. He does not seek to oppress her or change her but rather he seeks to elevate her and encourage her in her gifts and passions. He is awed by her beauty. He is made whole by her tenderness and strength. 

They delight in protecting their beloved 

A good man’s joy is found in being the provision for those he loves. He delights in providing for every need; even unto the breaking of his body. 

They actively seek accountability

A good man understands he needs to be held accountable by others. He is also willing to speak the hard truth to those in his life. A good man is a lover of righteousness. He will not stand for injustice. 

They have their priorities in order

A good man understands he must prioritize correctly or he will only be doing harm. A good man knows that after his relationship with God, his wife must come first, then his children, these followed by his ministry to extended family and his community. 

They extend their covering to others

A good man will bring the unwanted, the cast off and the lost under his covering. He will love them with a righteous love, while always protecting his priorities. 

They seek to do what is right

A good man seeks to do what is right and never seeks to harm. A good man is willing to do the hard thing when it is the right thing and he refuses to do a good thing if it is the wrong thing. Because a good man knows it is only doing what is right that  actually does good. 

While I am exceedingly grateful for all the men in my life who embody these characteristics, I must take a moment to honor the two men who are most important to me. My husband and my father. 

My husband is priceless gift. I am not truly capable of articulating the ways in which he loves me and our children. All I can say is his love is true, it is sacrifice, it is tender, it is uncompromising, unwavering and unconquerable. The love of this man is most precious to me. He is a good man. He is my man. And I love him with my entire being. Happy Father’s Day, my love.

My dad. My dad is a pillar of strength and a beacon of hope. He is a refuge. His love for our family and for others has set the example for generations to come. Every person in his life is better because of him. I am grateful to God for placing me in the care of this good man. I love you dad! Happy Father’s Day. 

Happy Father’s Day to the good men out there. You are invaluable. We are grateful for you!! 

All my love, 



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