The plight of Charlie Gard and the death of western society.

Today I sit in utter dismay as I witness the death of western society. We can no longer call ourselves a civilized society. We can no longer claim to hold a moral or ethical high ground. When the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Charlie Gard’s state imposed Obligation to Die superseded his Right to Live, they obliterated individual freedom while simultaneously signing western society’s death certificate. If you believe the plight of Charlie Gard has no bearing on your own life you are dead wrong. 
Charlie Gard is a precious 10 month old baby boy. He has a mother and father who love him and would, quite literally, do anything and everything in their power to care for and protect him. Charlie is loved and wanted. Charlie is a very sick baby boy. He has a condition called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. Charlie has a doctor in the United States ready to treat his condition. Charlie’s parents have raised enough money to get him that treatment. But Charlie will never receive that treatment. In fact, he will never leave the ICU at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London. Sometime in the next few days or possibly the next few hours Charlie Gard’s life will actively and intentionally be snuffed out. 

When we review the facts of this case as they relate to his human rights and the rights of his parents, these are the only facts that hold any relevance to the plight of Charlie Gard. It does not matter how poor his prognosis is. IT DOES NOT MATTER. 

What the court has declared with their ruling is that Charlie Gard does not have the right to seek treatment anywhere. He does not have the right to use his own resources to get available treatment. They have declared that he MUST die. They have declared that his parents have no right to decide what is best for their child. They have declared that his parents are not allowed to remove him from the hospital, even to simply let him die in the comfort of his own home. They have declared that they are able to determine who has the right to live and who MUST be put to death. This is no longer an issue of the “right to die” but rather an obligation to die. They have declared that the human right to life is no longer inherent but is now subject to the high-minded rationalizations of the state with utter disdain for the love, nurture and care of parents and the providence of God to provide extraordinary resources to one in need. 

All my love,



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