Oh Mommas

Oh mommas. It has been one of those weeks. -Lord have mercy!- Anxiety, stress, worry, exhaustion... The whole bit. My girl got very sick and though she is now out of the hospital, the road to recovery remains long. Now all my littles are sick sick sick. It has been 4 days of poop explosions,… Continue reading Oh Mommas


The plight of Charlie Gard and the death of western society.

Today I sit in utter dismay as I witness the death of western society. We can no longer call ourselves a civilized society. We can no longer claim to hold a moral or ethical high ground. When the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Charlie Gard's state imposed Obligation to Die superseded his Right… Continue reading The plight of Charlie Gard and the death of western society.

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Does pro-choice rhetoric undermine the ideology of the political left?

The political left is the self-proclaimed champion of the civil rights movement. They claim their deepest conviction is to serve and protect the marginalized. And yet there is one issue, that is truly at the heart of their ideology, that is in direct contradiction to everything they stand for. That issue is unrestricted abortion.